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At The RE/MAX Collection, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent service, obtaining quality properties and producing successful results. After 40 years of experience, our team understands the complexities of selling a luxury property and the needs of our clients. Our service is personalised, so whether you are buying or selling, we can build a bespoke approach to match your needs. Selling a luxury, high-value property requires expertise to navigate potential investors, market trends, chain discrepancies and fluctuating pricing. Our team devise an overall strategy to optimise the property's potential from buyer trends and marketing to the final sale.

As a brand, The RE/MAX Collection evokes quality and innovative marketing to focus on generating a lucrative return.

Whatever your reasons for selling,
we tailor our approach based on your reasons for selling

A Change in Circumstances

As time passes, your needs or those of your family can change; it’s inevitable. For example, your family might be growing, or you need less space as the kids fly the nest. On the other hand, your job may change, or the community is not meeting your needs; whatever circumstances have resulted in you needing to sell your home, we are here to help.


Downsizing can be hugely beneficial; whether you are looking for a more manageable estate that requires much less maintenance and staff, are eager to release some equity for other projects or simply because you and your family require less space, finding a more modest property could be just the answer to meet your needs.

Discreet Marketing

Your motivation for selling discreetly could be attributed to many reasons; perhaps you first want to test the price of your property, you don't want to cause disruption or encourage gossip, or you don't like time wasters; whatever your reason, our bespoke marketing model has been created to put the needs of our clients first.

Family First

Raising your family in a community that shares the same standards and motivation as you can be highly beneficial. In addition, relocating to a high-ranking school district can make all the difference to your child's future. Better teachers, smaller classes, and a more well-rounded education can lead to a brighter future.

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